How to Clean Artificial Tank Plants

Artificial plants make great hitching posts for seahorses.

But after a while they get dirty. Grimy. Gunky. Nasty-looking.

How do you clean them? It's not that hard. Just follow these simple steps for clean, algae and mold-free plants.

One note of caution before we start - never use detergent or bleach as residues from these products can poison your seahorses, other fish or live plants in the aquarium. It's just not worth the risk and it's completely unnecessary to use them.

  1. Gently remove the plant in question from the tank. Be careful not to disturb the substrate or other plants if you can possibly help it. Too much disturbance will stress out your seahorses!
  2. Rinse the plant under warm, running water, rubbing each leaf to help dislodge any grime, mold, algae or other nasties that are probably making it feel slimy and disgusting.
  3. Put the plug into the sink and fill it with really hot water. (Really hot water)
  4. Leave the plant to soak for a couple of hours.
  5. Using a clean, unused toothbrush or sponge, wipe off the plant carefully.
  6. Rinse the plant again under warm water to get rid of any remaining residues.
  7. Leave the plant to air dry then replace it (carefully!) in the water.

Et voilĂ ! Your artificial tank plants should look good as new! See - told you it was easy.

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4 Responses to “How to Clean Artificial Tank Plants”

  1. sarah says:

    rill, do you have a seahorse tank? salt water fish tanks scare me!

  2. Rill says:

    Wex and I have wanted one for ages – we’ve been doing tons of research. I thought I’d build the website to be a resource for everyone who’s interested in what it takes to have real, live seahorses!

  3. sarah says:

    hmm, dad had a salt water tank in his office in connecticut, i think. it was pretty amazing (though no sea horses). you guys are setting up for a veritable menagerie with jess, farfl and possible seahorsies!

  4. Rill says:

    I know! Cool, eh?

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