Top 5 Seahorse Facts

Here are the top five seahorse facts everyone should know.

Number 1: Where do Seahorses Live?

Seahorse habitats exist in almost all the seas and oceans of the world - except in the coldest areas of the very north and the very south. Since they don't tend to move far from one spot, being weak swimmers, they tend to live on the coasts where seas are shallower, there is more light and so more plants and coral for them to cling onto.

Number 2: Who's the Daddy?

The pregnant male. Yes, it's true. In one of the most amazing animal adaptations every seen, pipefish, seahorses and seadragons are the only species where the male carries the babies. Females lay the eggs in a pouch on the males' chest and the males then fertilize the eggs and incubate them. So the only pregnant seahorse is a pregnant male!

Number 3: How Many Seahorse Species Are There?

The funny thing is - there isn't total agreement on the actual number of different seahorse species. Some experts say 32, some 35, others higher. Look in any list and you'll see several Latin names for the same commonly known seahorse - sometimes 10 or 12! And some Latin- named species have many different common names. It can be difficult to come to an agreement over which seahorse species you're talking about!

Number 4: Buying Seahorses? Do Your Research!

If you want to buy seahorses you need to think carefully about it. Seahorse keeping is not the easiest hobby and not to be entered into lightly. Like all marine saltwater fish, pet seahorses need research, attention and care. Avoid those that are caught in the wild and go for captive bred seahorses instead. They do much better as aquarium seahorses.

Number 5: What do Seahorses Eat?

Seahorse food - what is it? Usually wild seahorses eat only live food, mostly crustaceans like tiny shrimp which they suck up through their snouts. Feeding seahorses that have been caught in the wild is hard work - you may have to breed live bait and feed them three or four times a day. Tank raised seahorses, however, will eat frozen mysis shrimp - another good reason to only buy seahorses that are captive bred!

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  1. FEDE says:

    You have an affinity for sea horses?
    impressed at all that you know!

  2. Rill says:

    Thanks, Fed! It’s my secret passion.

  3. Ron Murphy says:

    I love the sea life and especially Sea Horses. I have several on my web site

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