A beautiful lace seahorse

I have to admit I had never even heard of "tatting" before I stumbled across this beautiful example from Angie in Michigan, the Desperate Tatter.

According to Wikipedia, tatting was developed in the early 19th century and is described as "a particularly durable lace" that was was developed to imitate point lace. From what I've read on Angie's blog she uses a shuttle - other methods include using a crochet hook or needle. Like crochet, the patterns for tatting are either written as a kind of shorthand or else a visual pattern where the design is drawn schematically. I daren't read any more about it - it looks so beautiful and I don't need another craft to get obsessed with!

If you're interested in tatting, take a look at Angie's blog.

I've included a couple of vintage lace patterns from one of my favourite eBay sellers, below. I hope you find something there to inspire you!

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