Seahorse graffiti in New York

An artist only identified as "Robert" has produced a stunning pair of graffiti seahorses on a Brooklyn wall using stencils he created himself.

The subject of whether graffiti can be considered art is a controversial one - especially since the elusive UK artist Banksy has started making a small fortune selling his work.

It's so subjective - when I lived in London I always got a kick out of spotting another one of Banksy's works - especially in obscure, out-of-the-way places. I always felt that they added to the environment - making it seem less drab and dreary. And Banksy's work is very funny and heavily ironic - very British.

I don't, however, enjoy the constant "tagging" where graffiti "artists" spray their names over and over again on railway sidings, billboards, post boxes and anywhere else they can reach. That kind of ugly graffiti I can do without.

If I could get hold of this guy I shouldn't mind him popping up to Toronto to spray these seahorses on the walls of my office - I think they're beautiful.

Here's the original article by Sebastian Smith where I found this picture.

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