Watch glass seahorses being made

Right before your eyes! Here are two great videos from YouTube.

The first video shows Mauro Vianello, a Venetian Murano glass artist who films himself making pieces - today he came out with a seahorse! Watch how he crafts the creature from soft Venetian glass.

The second video shows a Welsh glass artist making an even more ornate seahorse - the finished piece is shown above.

And here are some glass seahorses on eBay in case this post has whetted your appetite!

Stain Glass Style SEAHORSE NIGHT LIGHT Stain Glass Style SEAHORSE NIGHT LIGHT Paypal US $9.50
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3 Responses to “Watch glass seahorses being made”

  1. Dia Carmona says:

    I love seahorses they are my favorite I have so many it’s crazy but I’d love to have a clear glass looking one.

  2. Mauro says:

    Thanks for sharing my video… :-)

  3. Rill says:

    You’re welcome – it’s amazing!

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