Spiny seahorses threatened in southern England

A report in the Bournemouth Echo states that a recent drop in spiny seahorse numbers off the coast of southern England may be due to illegal clam fishing.

It is illegal to disturb, injure or kill seahorses in the UK and they are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act. The seagrass beds which is the spiny seahorses' natural habitat is also being protected by Poole Harbour Commissioners who have placed buoys around the seagrass beds and a Southern Sea Fisheries bylaw prohibits fishing there.

As yet the actual cause of the seahorses' deaths is unknown and some put the blame on a combination of the recent inclement weather in the UK and seahorses becoming stranded in the harbour at low tide. Natural England and other conservation agencies continue to investigate the problem.

You can read the full article here. Below is a video of a male spiny seahorse from YouTube.

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