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Rill | The Seahorse Shop

True Facts About The Seahorse

True Facts About The Seahorse I came across this quite by chance this morning and it made me laugh so much I thought I would share it with you. Ze Frank is listed in Wikipedia as a performance artist. I am now totally intrigued by him having seen the video he made called "True Facts About The Seahorse". Here it is: Well....I hope you learned...

Seahorses versus Barnacles

Seahorses versus Barnacles I love George Takei. And his fans. He posts the best things on his Facebook page. I couldn't resist reposting this today - an asinine question on a kid's test that the kid answers in the most hilarious way. I mean who would choose barnacles over seahorses?? Just dumb. Seahorses rule. The end.  

West African seahorse filmed for the first time

West African seahorse filmed for the first time For the first time a researcher from Project Seahorse has been able to film the West African seahorse (Hippocampus algiricus). Project Seahorse has been working with Imperial College London and the Zoological Society of London to investigate the seahorse trade in West Africa. Kate West, a graduate from Imperial College and one of Project Seahorse's researchers saw the seahorse in a trap when she was travelling with local fishermen. She managed to talk the fishermen into releasing it but not before she had filmed it. You can read more about the story here at the University of British Columbia's...

Tiny Pontohi Seahorse

Tiny Pontohi Seahorse Here is some amazing footage taken of a Pontohi Pygmy seahorse in the waters off Lembeh, an island popular for scuba-diving in Indonesia. Make sure you watch the video until the end, when the cameraman puts his finger in the water and you can fully appreciate just how tiny this seahorse is! They guy who shot this uploaded it from his Android. Amazing. Pontohi Pygmy Seahorse from liquidguru on...

Handmade father seahorse and babies on Etsy

Handmade father seahorse and babies on Etsy As regular readers of this blog will know, I adore the website Etsy. It's a wonderful resource for vintage items and one-of-a-kind handmade gifts you won't find anywhere else. Here is a delightful item from snaulkter - handmade father and baby seahorses. Made from new fleece and recycled stuffing, these toys are durable and child-friendly. Snaulkter specializes in seahorses - she has many different designs in her Etsy shop with some really original fabric and colour choices. As you can see from the pictures below the babies fit inside the father's pouch. Click on each thumbnail to see a full-size...
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