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West African seahorse filmed for the first time

West African seahorse filmed for the first time For the first time a researcher from Project Seahorse has been able to film the West African seahorse (Hippocampus algiricus). Project Seahorse has been working with Imperial College London and the Zoological Society of London to investigate the seahorse trade in West Africa. Kate West, a graduate from Imperial College and one of Project Seahorse's researchers saw the seahorse in a trap when she was travelling with local fishermen. She managed to talk the fishermen into releasing it but not before she had filmed it. You can read more about the story here at the University of British Columbia's...

Spiny seahorses threatened in southern England

Spiny seahorses threatened in southern England A report in the Bournemouth Echo states that a recent drop in spiny seahorse numbers off the coast of southern England may be due to illegal clam fishing. It is illegal to disturb, injure or kill seahorses in the UK and they are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act. The seagrass beds which is the spiny seahorses' natural habitat is also being protected by Poole Harbour Commissioners who have placed buoys around the seagrass beds and a Southern Sea Fisheries bylaw prohibits fishing there. As yet the actual cause of the seahorses' deaths is unknown and some put the blame on a combination of...

Personal ads for seahorses?

Personal ads for seahorses? A clever advertising campaign for the seahorse exhibition at Monterey Bay Aquarium highlights the extremely unusual breeding habits of seahorses. To promote The Secret Lives of Seahorses the aquarium has run a series of mock personal ads for each of the fish featured in the exhibition. Each fish's name plays on its scientific name and gives clues about the seahorse's life: Eartha Excises sums up her Political Views as "Men should not only be pregnant, but should clean my house". Ken Kuda lists his Interests as "Hanging around, eating brine shrimp, dancing." You can even become a Facebook friend of the...

Subscribe to updates by email!

Subscribe to updates by email! I have now added a Feedburner email subscription option to the website! What does this mean? You can now receive website updates via email. You no longer have to keep checking back to see if there's something new on the website - you'll be sent an email instead. Simply type your email address into the box on the right (underneath the heading "get seahorse email updates") and press the "Subscribe" button. A  pop-up window will open asking you to type in some text to make sure it's an actual human being subscribing to the updates and not a spamming exercise.  Type in the text and hit the "Complete...

Great Seahorse Dog Toy!

Great Seahorse Dog Toy! When my puppy Farfl went into the vet's today to have her stitches removed following her spay, she was whimpering and crying with nerves. She did not enjoy her previous visit at all! I felt guilty so I looked for a toy to buy her as a kind of consolation prize for having to go back there so soon. I couldn't believe it when I found a seahorse - perfect! It's from a great company called West Paw Design - they create dog and cat toys from recycled materials. The seahorse is made from recycled plastic bottles - it's fleece material. The toy is very soft and durable and wasn't significantly more expensive...
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