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Seahorse Crafts | The Seahorse Shop
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Handmade father seahorse and babies on Etsy

Handmade father seahorse and babies on Etsy As regular readers of this blog will know, I adore the website Etsy. It's a wonderful resource for vintage items and one-of-a-kind handmade gifts you won't find anywhere else. Here is a delightful item from snaulkter - handmade father and baby seahorses. Made from new fleece and recycled stuffing, these toys are durable and child-friendly. Snaulkter specializes in seahorses - she has many different designs in her Etsy shop with some really original fabric and colour choices. As you can see from the pictures below the babies fit inside the father's pouch. Click on each thumbnail to see a full-size...

Seahorse pillow giveaway

Seahorse pillow giveaway Katie at the Let's Be Preppy blog is having a seahorse pillow giveaway! She has joined forces with All Modern.com to give away the gorgeous pillow shown to the left. There are four different ways to enter the draw: Post a comment on the original post or send an email to letsbepreppy at gmail dot com (I've typed it this way to stop spammers getting hold of Katie's email address) Write a blog post (just like I did) about the giveaway (this gives you two entries into the giveaway!) and email Katie to tell her about it. Go to All Modern.com and tell Katie about something else you like from their website...

Mary Moon’s Seahorse Hobo Bags

Mary Moon’s Seahorse Hobo Bags Here's another great piece from a beautiful collection I found on Etsy! As I mentioned in my last seahorse craft post Etsy is a fabulous source of one-of-a-kind handmade lovely things - clothes, bags, accessories - something for everyone! This particular bag is from Mary Moon Designs which is owned and operated by Maria Luna (get it? Mary Moon?) who specializes in gorgeous handmade applique pieces. You can read her blog here. She has two versions of the seahorse hobo bag - below you can see the pink and blue versions. Click on the images to order yourself...

Delicious seahorse wedding stationery

Delicious seahorse wedding stationery While browsing the excellent website Etsy I came across this delicious seahorse-themed wedding stationery. Called "Seahorse Bliss" this design comes from the shop ExQuisiteInVitation owned and operated by Chonte Simmons from Florida. When my husband and I got married we were too poor for a big "do" so we only had close family around. If we did it again now this would be exactly the sort of stationery we'd want to use! On the right you can see the reply card and "save the date" tag. Click on the image to see more pictures of this stationery. Click here to go directly to the webpage where you can order...

Continuous wire sculpture seahorses

Continuous wire sculpture seahorses LaVern David Thompson is a wire sculpture artist based in the Virgin Islands. I was very excited when I found his website this morning. He has created some truly stunning sea creature pieces including a bunch of seahorses. According to the site, wire sculptures are available in sizes from six to eighteen inches and cost between $30 and $85. You can even order custom pieces which start at $75. Shipping and handling are extra. I strongly suggest that you check out his site and all the wonderful sculptures he has to...
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