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True Facts About The Seahorse

True Facts About The Seahorse I came across this quite by chance this morning and it made me laugh so much I thought I would share it with you. Ze Frank is listed in Wikipedia as a performance artist. I am now totally intrigued by him having seen the video he made called "True Facts About The Seahorse". Here it is: Well....I hope you learned...

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day! This wonderful picture is by Paul Zahl from the NGS Image Collection and is included in a series on the National Geographic website in honour of Father's Day. The article is called "Best Animal Dads" and I'm happy to see that the seahorse is the first featured father! As you will know if you're a regular visitor to The Seahorse Shop, the male seahorse is a great father because he actually carries the fertilized eggs from the female and gives birth to live babies. In our family the seahorse is the symbol of my husband being a wonderful dad to our daughter and is the inspiration for this website. Click...

Male seahorse gives birth

Male seahorse gives birth Here is a wonderful video I found on YouTube of a male seahorse giving birth to hundreds of baby seahorses. He pumps them out of the sac in his belly which starts off full and empties out with each push. The cutest part of the video (IMHO) is when he swims over to the female seahorse after giving birth. Too...

Top 5 Seahorse Facts

Top 5 Seahorse Facts Here are the top five seahorse facts everyone should know. Number 1: Where do Seahorses Live? Seahorse habitats exist in almost all the seas and oceans of the world - except in the coldest areas of the very north and the very south. Since they don't tend to move far from one spot, being weak swimmers, they tend to live on the coasts where seas are shallower, there is more light and so more plants and coral for them to cling onto. Number 2: Who's the Daddy? The pregnant male. Yes, it's true. In one of the most amazing animal adaptations every seen, pipefish, seahorses and seadragons are the only species...