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Seahorses versus Barnacles

Seahorses versus Barnacles I love George Takei. And his fans. He posts the best things on his Facebook page. I couldn't resist reposting this today - an asinine question on a kid's test that the kid answers in the most hilarious way. I mean who would choose barnacles over seahorses?? Just dumb. Seahorses rule. The end.  

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day! This wonderful picture is by Paul Zahl from the NGS Image Collection and is included in a series on the National Geographic website in honour of Father's Day. The article is called "Best Animal Dads" and I'm happy to see that the seahorse is the first featured father! As you will know if you're a regular visitor to The Seahorse Shop, the male seahorse is a great father because he actually carries the fertilized eggs from the female and gives birth to live babies. In our family the seahorse is the symbol of my husband being a wonderful dad to our daughter and is the inspiration for this website. Click...

Spiny seahorses threatened in southern England

Spiny seahorses threatened in southern England A report in the Bournemouth Echo states that a recent drop in spiny seahorse numbers off the coast of southern England may be due to illegal clam fishing. It is illegal to disturb, injure or kill seahorses in the UK and they are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act. The seagrass beds which is the spiny seahorses' natural habitat is also being protected by Poole Harbour Commissioners who have placed buoys around the seagrass beds and a Southern Sea Fisheries bylaw prohibits fishing there. As yet the actual cause of the seahorses' deaths is unknown and some put the blame on a combination of...

Seahorse graffiti in New York

Seahorse graffiti in New York An artist only identified as "Robert" has produced a stunning pair of graffiti seahorses on a Brooklyn wall using stencils he created himself. The subject of whether graffiti can be considered art is a controversial one - especially since the elusive UK artist Banksy has started making a small fortune selling his work. It's so subjective - when I lived in London I always got a kick out of spotting another one of Banksy's works - especially in obscure, out-of-the-way places. I always felt that they added to the environment - making it seem less drab and dreary. And Banksy's work is very funny and...