Buying Seahorses

If you've ever wanted to buy seahorses there's a lot to consider and plan for.

yellow-seahorseIf you're a beginner at seahorse keeping we strongly advise you to buy captive bred seahorses. Wild seahorse populations have been decimated in recent years and you don't want to add to their decline! In addition, captive bred seahorses have less disease and survive much more easily in captivity than their wild cousins since they are already adapted to living in an aquarium and eating frozen food. You are less like to suffer the disappointment of losing your pet seahorses early on and will likely spend less money trying to keep them alive!

Ideally you should buy your seahorses from a local live fish shop since you'll be able to take a look at what you're buying. Make sure that the seahorse's belly is round and that the body looks full and healthy. Ask if the seahorse has been eating - find out exactly what food it has been given to it and how often.

If you're buying your live seahorses online check what guarantees, testimonials and assurances the seller is giving. It's sometimes tricky to judge reputations, but certainly if you buy through sellers are penalized for not living up to their claims, so check what the seller is offering by way of insurance that you receive your pet seahorses in good shape.