Seahorse Aquarium Plants

seahorses-caulerpa-proliferaseahorse-red-grape-caulerpaWhat plants are appropriate for your seahorse aquarium?

If you want live plants in your seahorse tank, you'll be thinking seaweed or macroalgae (to give it its scientific title). Marine macroalgae like members of the Caulerpa family (Caulerpa prolifera is pictured above left) create natural holdfasts for your seahorses with the added benefit of absorbing nitrates. They are hardy, grow rapidly and are widely available. Varieties with long, feathery fronds or blades are excellent - for example Caulerpa sertularioides, Caulerpa serrulata or Caulerpa mexicana. And Caulerpa prolifera, of course!

Contrast the green plants with some red and yellow macroalgae for a really beautiful display - above right is a photograph of a seahorse feeding while hitched to a red grape Caulerpa. You don't have to stick to the Caulerpa family - Gracilaria also work well in a seahorse tank.

Make sure that the temperature ranges of any seaweed you buy for your tank matches the temperature range suitable for your seahorses.

Of course you don't have to stick to live plants in your seahorse aquarium - plastic or silk plants will do just as well! Just be careful to buy plants that are suitable for saltwater aquariums - any metal parts will degrade and poison the water in your tank. Take a look at this post about how to clean artificial tank plants.

Thinking of getting coral for your tank? Just make sure that you stick to soft corals - stone corals can cut and injure your seahorses. Artificial tube and tree sponges also make good additions to your seahorse aquarium - and are easier to keep than live ones.

Did you know?

Seahorses may change their color to match their favorite hitching post - so keep the plants and ornaments in your aquarium brightly colored and watch the results!