Seahorses For Your Home and Garden

glass-seahorseIf you love seahorses as much as me then you'll want to decorate your home, your garden and even yourself with seahorse-related items!

My best friend gave me a beautiful silver seahorse that she'd bought in Hong Kong years ago and never worn - she came across it one day and realized it was the perfect gift for me! I wear it on a silver chain around my neck almost every day.

Seahorses hold a special place in our family - my husband was a single parent for a long time and has always been drawn to seahorses - not only because the males take care of the young until they're ready to leave the nest! He owns many seahorse stuffed animals that his daughter has given to him over the years.

When we got married I created a cross stitch sampler with two seahorses on it to celebrate and remember our wedding day. Since then I've collected many seahorse pictures and ornaments from around the world. I have a couple of seahorse bracelets and a silver charm bracelet with a seahorse on it.

One day we hope to build our own seahorse aquarium, but until then we'll keep picking up seahorse-related memorabilia to celebrate these amazing and elusive creatures.

What kind of seahorse piece are you looking for? Seahorse toys? Glass or pottery seahorses? Perhaps seahorse art - a print or painting. Or are you like me - always looking for seahorse crafts? Whatever you're looking for, we hope you find it here at The Seahorse Shop.

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