Pottery and Glass Seahorses

china-seahorseSome of the most beautiful pieces of seahorse memorabilia are crafted in pottery or glass. Whether you are looking for Waterford crystal, Lalique glass, Swarovski crystal and glass, Murano or Fenton glass or something unique in china or pottery - we hope you'll find the ideal piece for your mantelpiece or dinner table.

I once found a gorgeous pottery seahorse coaster tile in a car boot sale in Brighton, England. I think I paid £1 for it - I didn't even haggle for it, I wanted it so badly. My glass of water is sitting on top of it as I type this!

My mother gave me a beautiful crystal seahorse Christmas tree decoration one year that a friend of hers had found in a shed at the bottom of the garden of her new house. It only needed a bit of spit and polish to restore it to its former glory! I've no idea where it originated from - it has great sentimental value to me, but I guess I could take it to an antiques dealer or an auction house and see if anyone could tell me something about it.

waterford-seahorse-dinner-wareIf I ever get rich I'm determined to get myself the Waterford china seahorse dinner ware selection - the design (pictured right) is absolutely exquisite! It would be a real treat to eat and drink from these dainty pieces.

I once had a cute seahorse light pull for my bathroom - it was green and blue made from clay and used to make me smile every time I used it. Unfortunately one of my godchildren played with it a little too roughly and it got smashed against the wall of the bathroom! I think she was more upset than I was.

Check out what's available on below - I've found countless really unusual and competitively priced pieces that I probably wouldn't have found anywhere else!

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