Seahorse Art

There's nothing better for a seahorse fan than finding gorgeous pieces of seahorse art or seahorse pictures to decorate your home.

I found a great retro advertisement for the Toronto Zoo in the newspaper. It was specifically advertising the seahorse exhibition and was designed like an early 20th century poster for a circus. It read: "Believe It Or Not, Male Seahorses Give Birth Which Makes The Females Very Happy", underneath which it had a lovely ink line drawing of a family of seahorses. I carefully cut it out of the newspaper and framed it - it's now on the wall right by the front door of our house.

There are some fabulous pictures of seahorses available to buy online and in stores. I always check out the gift shops at aquariums that have seahorse exhibits - I picked up a lovely limited edition print of different seahorse species entitled "Seahorses of the World" for my husband for our wedding anniversary at the aquarium in Los Angeles.

The stunning silk painting pictured above was created by Canadian artist Daniel Jean-Baptiste. If you do a Google search for "seahorse art" you can find some fabulous stuff - try clicking on the "Images" link at the top of the page - when I did that when I was building this page there were 211,000 entries listed!

I'm always on the look-out for seahorse prints, photos, paintings and sculptures - you'll find a fabulous collection from new and established artists below. There are so many unique treasures to choose from - I hope you find what you're looking for - and perhaps something you never knew existed!

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