Seahorse Clothes

il-sandalo-seahorse-jewelrySome people might think that wearing clothes with seahorses on is taking it a bit too far, but I've found some really great and unusual pieces for myself and my family.

I once found a beautiful grey and pink t-shirt with a seahorse on it at Boston Aquarium - I wore it until it fell apart! Before I threw it out I cut the seahorse image from the front of it and sewed it on to my patchwork jeans that I wear when I teach kids drama. I couldn't bear to lose that precious piece!

The gorgeous seahorse sandals pictured left are from a company called Il Sandalo - I just love the unusual and intricate design with the seahorses and starfish motifs. They also look extremely comfortable.

I still haven't got around to making my dog a seahorse-themed shirt or sweater, but I think that might have to be one of my craft projects for the autumn. It's difficult to buy for her because she's so tiny, so I end up making most of her clothes. She's the only one in the family without anything seahorse-related to wear!

I found a fantastic seahorse sleepsuit for my goddaughter on once - it was the cutest! Baby pink with tiny coral-coloured seahorses appliqu├ęd all over it. Unfortunately I never got a picture of her in it. I think her mum gave it away when she outgrew it.

Below you will find lots of great seahorse clothes - for you, your kids and maybe even your dog!

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