Seahorse Crafts

knitted-seahorseIf you're anything like me (an addicted knitter, crocheter, sewing machine enthusiast and cross stitcher) you'll always be on the look-out for great patterns, ideas, notions and kits with a seahorse theme.

When my husband and I got married I designed and made a cross stitch sampler with two seahorses in the pattern - it hangs by our front door opposite the Toronto Zoo advertisement for the seahorse exhibit.

The picture left is a knitted seahorse from a vintage pattern which I bought on - I didn't knit this one - I'll replace the picture with the one I eventually do knit when I get around to it. So many craft projects, so little time!

I still have a cross stitch kit stashed away somewhere that I haven't had time to do yet - I found it on . It's a circular design with an ocean scene and, of course, a large and prominent seahorse!

I have bracelet that I made from semi-precious stones and a couple of seahorse charms that I bought in a bead shop in Brighton, England where I used to live. On my bracelet the seahorses are facing each other. The bracelet represents my relationship with my husband and my journey from Brighton to Toronto. My husband has a matching bracelet that I made for him before we were married. He doesn't wear a wedding ring - for him the bracelet is the ring!

Below is a selection of seahorse crafts available on - everything you can think of from seahorse charms to seahorse rubber stamps, seahorse beads, seahorse fabric and findings - all kinds of wonderful things. Enjoy!

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