Seahorse Toys


I think my husband currently has over fifteen stuffed animal seahorses in his collection - given to him by me and his daughter over the years. Since he was a single parent for many years, the seahorse took on a special significance for him because seahorse males take care of seahorse babies until they're ready to leave the security of the pouch.

We've found stuffed animal seahorse toys in all shapes and sizes - and colours too! From bright red and yellow to striped orange and black like a tiger. One of my favourites is the shiny golden one his daughter found for him a couple of years ago - it's quite small and delicate-looking. He keeps it on his bedside table.

I've found seahorse toys on and in second-hand shops, in toy stores and at flea markets. The fascination of these beautiful creatures seems to know no bounds as far as creative ideas go - I even found a gorgeous Christmas tree decoration shaped as a seahorse in the British Museum in London, England. It was modelled on a Victorian design that was hugely popular in the UK. It's green with red stitching and a red sequin eye.

These days, of course, you can find all kinds of different seahorse toys - from My Little Pony seahorses to Littlest Pet Shop seahorses and Disney characters. Seahorses that act as night lights for little ones and wind-up toys for the bathtub.

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